Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Revision Win

Over the weekend I reminded myself how much I love the revision process. It's like a win/win/win.

Win: I get to re-read my manuscript. And I still love my manuscript. It still makes me laugh and cry.

Win: I get to make my manuscript better. As I read - now that I'm months removed from it - I notice ways in which I can make minor adjustments to make it flow better and come alive.

Win: I get to go back to that exultant feeling I had every time I'd finish a writing sprint for #writeclub and looked at my word count.

Revisions are, of course, a much slower process. I find myself thinking over single words, and simple sentences. It's helping me hone my craft and to the Nth degree, and every time I finish a round I feel good. Better than a marathon.

Because if I ran a marathon, I'd be dead.

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