Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Teaching Life

Here's the thing.

I had every intention of continuing to update this regularly now that I've come back to it. But it's nine o'clock at night and it's the first time I have available to me to actually sit down and write anything out.

And really, I sat down in order to work, but I saw the link to the blog and thought I would say something instead.

I think that's why I just can't subscribe to the belief that to be a writer I have to sit down and write everyday. I want to sit down and write everyday, or otherwise work on my manuscript. I'd actually LOVE to sit down and revise every day. But most days I just can't.

I could let this get to me - but I won't. I have to take care of me, and sometimes "taking care of me" means allowing myself to step away to take care of my have-tos - grading and planning and facilitating - so that I'm better able to take on the want-tos.

And when it comes down to it, I'll be a better writer and editor and reviser - and TEACHER - when I allow myself to drop the ball sometimes. Because the ball is always there and ready for me to pick it back up.

I won't grow to resent the thing I love most - my writing - or the career that I truly believe is a calling - teaching.

And soon I'll have a rhythm to my schedule and it will be easier for me to carve out time for what really matters - me.

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